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Remember God give's and forgives and men get's and forgets. To err is human; to forgive and forget is divine. Miracles do happen, keep trying and praying. God changes caterpillars to butterflies, sand to pearls and coal to diamond using time and pressure. He's working on you too. Single Hydrogen and Oxygen molecule is highly inflammable gas, but H2O = water, extinguishes fire. How can two inflammable things form water? Does GOD exist? Only GOD knows! Does GHOST exist? Only GHOST knows! How can you explain, real concept of light and colour, to a blind from birth person or real concept of sound, to a deaf from birth person? No offense intended. Please kindly note .fact is fact and fiction is fiction. Solutions are solutions and illusions are illusions. There are many persons who are different, special, off beat, abnormal or paranormal. Society always laughs at them or pities them unless and until they prove their worth. So we usually never try to understand or help them when they are alive and then we cry when they die? Hypocrisy? In fact we really can get motivated from physically and mentally handicapped persons.

Dear Friends, Hello! And Good day! What is life without impossible dreams and ambitions? Dreams are a powerful source of energy. They can become the most trusted Friends, philosophers and guides of our life. Life itself is a never ending dream. Life is a journey and not a destination. We should not be afraid of dreaming impossible things. Impossible dreams are far safer than smoking, drinking, unsafe sex and many other socially, legally, morally and religiously unacceptable things. No one can stop us from dreaming and our dreams cannot be video or audio recorded by anyone else including us, so dream without fearing or favouring anybody !

As a dream analyst , Regarding dreams (Rapid Eye Movement), many persons believe that whatever we think off, we dream; but that's not true, many times we dream of things which we have never ever seen in our life and many times nightmares are something which we never want to happen. All dreams are not at all logical. So if you really want to find meaning in dreams than only dreams you can believe is early morning from 3 to 6 am, so only valid dreams are just before sun rise. Day dreaming is anyways invalid. How to interpret a dream? Basic rule is if you feel bad than it means bad and if you feel good it means good. So whatever you feel in dreams is directly valid.

A person without any dreams is the poorest person in this whole world. We should dream the impossible and also try very hard to achieve it. If we dream of becoming a billionaire, we should start working very hard immediately and may be we will become a millionaire. Making hay when the sun is shining is very important. Dreaming like a grass hopper and working like an ant or bee is also very important. At the same time we should not be afraid of failures. Why bad things happen to good people? Only great failures can lead to great success! Let the whole world laugh at us when we fail; we will have the last laugh on winning. A winner finds a hundred fathers, but a loser is an orphan. A rich man’s joke is always funny. A poor man himself is a circus joker. Success is relative, the more successful you are, the more relatives you will have. Remember there is no such thing as pure unconditional love; all our personal, private, public relationships are based on needs; this need may be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, material, etc. "I love you" usually means "I need you". Never give up and luck will find us.  ‘No pain, No gain! No guts, No glory!’. God provides for everyone's need and not greed. Money can buy many things but not everything. Material things which only money can buy are compulsory for living ex. Food, clothing, shelter, medicines etc. Emotional things which money cannot buy are optional for living ex. Love, self respect etc. To have health and wealth together is really a rare blessing.

If you have observed jungle channels on TV carefully you will understand that the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest and selfish, is matriarchal & there is no matrimonial system and usually single mothers take care of their babies. Animals never rape and are not cannibals. The males fight it out like gladiators and the winner gets the femme fatale. Here also she chooses the best possible male. Similarly amongst human beings the most intelligent and fatal species is the women. Never ever underestimate woman power. If you look around carefully and observe, you will see that an ordinary or a rich and famous celebrity women, usually gets married to a man, who is superior to her in all respects. Marriage is a forcible patriarchal commitment, only human beings get married. Just refer Google for rich and famous celebrity men and women and you will understand what I mean. Behind every successful man there are many women. Naturally all men (gladiators?) have to pay a heavy price for sex, pregnancy and child birth/rearing to keep their linage going on and women deserve this price as pregnancy and child birth/rearing is not a joke. Marriage and divorce is costly and forcible commitment for both. Please kindly note no offence intended. In fact if you refer Google you will find that all qualities of Black Hole in space are directly applicable to women and this analogy is mind blowing with due respect. Remember whether we like it or not women (mothers?) rule this world, men rule by proxy. So a computer board is called a mother board, a warship is called a mother ship, mother tongue, mother country so on and so forth.

Nothing is permanent. Only thing permanent is change. Only thing changing is speed. Only thing speeding is time. Time and tide wait for no one. If you pass time, time passes you. If you kill time, time kills you. Time and tide wait for no one. So beware, wasting time is wasting life. Time is NOT money; you can get back lost money; but you cannot get back lost time.

If we look back millions of years in our microscopic, scopic and telescopic history and geography of our earth and universe, we can easily find that nothing is permanent. Only thing permanent is change. Only thing changing is speed. Only thing speeding is time. In our Hindu religious book “Srimad Bhagvad Gita” says root cause of all sadness is expectation.

As a follower of OSHO I refer all to one of his world famous books from "sex to super consciousness". He is one of the most misunderstood monks in this world. Many religions taboo all sorts of enjoyment as sin and demand fasting. OSHO explains enjoyment is allowed but attachment addiction is not allowed. Men want sex (all women will agree). Women want love (all men will agree).for men love is a decent approach towards sex and for women sex is a love integrating element. Love and sex are not at all connected. Love is sexual and non sexual. Sex doesn't always lead to love (than marriages wouldn't break) and love doesn’t always lead to sex (we love our family, friends etc). Expectation is the root cause of all sadness. We are tourists on this earth .life is a journey and not a destination. Like a guided tourist we should enjoy the best things in that place, enjoy the hospitality and move out without getting addicted or attached to anything. Remember a tourist enjoys everything as he knows he has come here for a short period as long as his visa can allow and he has to move out soon. Therefore he automatically and naturally ignores all the negative things and tries to make the most of his temporary stay. So if you want to be happy remember that you are on a guided tour of planet earth and very soon your visa is going to expire, so enjoy everything without getting attached or addicted. Please read books of OSHO for enlightenment.

Is there any difference between ambitions and dreams? YES! To think of climbing on the top of cold Mount Everest is an ambition, but to think of building an exact replica of cold Mount Everest in a hot desert is a dream. Almost all ambitions are achievable, almost all dreams are unachievable.

But … then … what is life without impossible dreams?

OH! … Forgiveness, I forgot to introduce myself. My Name is SHYAM SUTAR. My nationality is INDIAN and religion is HINDUISM. I am basically secular and broad minded and believe more in human beings and being human.

My name “SHYAM” means “EVENING” and surname “SUTAR” means “CARPENTER”. My family got this surname because all my ancestors were professional carpenters. All metal smiths e.g.: goldsmith, blacksmith, ironsmith, silversmith, coppersmith; wood smith, carvers in all medias including stones belong to our caste known as Vishwakarma Panchals.  My grandfather (Father’s father) and his grandfather where professional and consultant Astrologers. My grand fathers name was “YESHWANT” meaning “SUCCESSFUL”.

Please note I don’t believe in or support any type of discrimination based on politics, country, caste, creed, religion, colour, sex etc. I like “live and let live” policy and don’t mix my personal and professional life. Regarding my short Autobiography, I am an ordinary Tom, Dick & Harry type of person till date, nothing very special or very bad had happened in my life.  In 1989 I earned an Engineering Diploma in Computer & Electronics hardware & software.  From the age 20 to 25th, I worked in small and private proprietary firms as sales and service Engineer.  During this early 20s I also earned by giving part time astrological consultancy.  My training as an astrologer began under the watchful eye of my grandfather in my early teen age.  He taught me traditional Indian Hindu Vedic astrology, palmistry, along with many other ancient oriental eastern spiritual and meditative techniques to analyse invisible and un-diagnosable physical and mental problems. I have dropped in and out of private music school, martial arts school & body building gyms. I attempted all this in my teen ages along with my Engineering Diploma. My training as an astrologer under my grandfather, was successfully completed in my late teen ages, with permission and blessings of my grandfather and parents I started giving astrological consultancy with moderate success.  Immediately thereafter my Grandfather expired, as per destiny’s wish.  From my late teen age till the date publicly I am successfully giving astrological consultancy; & I have undergone personal failures & mental tensions during this same period.  While doing research my dreams, intuition & Sixth sense have always behaved like my friends, philosopher & guide in all my research work & majority of my problems have been solved in my dreams & while meditation. Partial credit also goes to all past and present National & International astrologers and their astrological books, websites and Google.

Wisemen don't repeat mistakes, they make new mistakes and learn from others mistakes. Today worldwide because of democracy we can see doctors in medical field commenting on doctors in non medical fields and ordinary graduates commenting on post graduates and vice versa debating without reference to the context. Basically, Medical, Engineering, Commercial, Painting, Music, Dancing, Sports, Cooking, Spiritual etc etc are different fields which require different levels of expertise and experts in one field must refrain from commenting on experts in other fields. This way the world will become a peaceful place to live . Sadly, we can see daily wisemen debating like fools and fools debating like wisemen. Remember, a real wisemen can answer more questions than a fool can ask and a fool can ask more questions than a wisemen can answer. Rules cannot be exceptional and exceptions cannot become rules. I avoid debates with a wise or fool as I am neither wise nor a fool.Constructive criticism with reference to the context is always welcome.

My alumni are as follows:

Tenth Standard Secondary School Certificate 1984 Model English School Dombivali East
Twelfth Standard Higher Secondary School Certificate. Science. 1986 K. V. Pendharkar college Dombivali East
3 years course Diploma in Digital Electronics 1989 Bombay Institute of Technology Ulhasnagar

My alumni are as follows: