Terms & Conditions / All Services Are Prepaid And Non Refundable

For personal appointment or visit, please note my address as follows:

Shyam Sutar (Astrologician)
10, 2nd Floor, Shivprasad Society. Near Vijaya Bank, Manpada Road,
Dombivli (E)- 421201. INDIA.

Below you can directly email me your detail queries along with your birth-name/date/time/place on shyamsutar@gmail.com or whats app me on cell: +91 9224409984.

Prepayment accepted via internet or ordinary banking or western union money transfer wherein you can pay to my bank account. Details as follows:
Bank Name: ICICI Bank Ltd.
Name: Shyam  Vishnu Sutar
Account No: 008801511251
Branch: Dombivli (East) - 421203
IFSC: ICIC0000088

  • People willingly spend lakhs on gem and jewellery, engagement, marriage, reception, honeymoon, divorce? But are not willing to spend a few hundred on a good astrologer for marriage match making! People willingly spend lakhs on natural or artificial pregnancy and child birth? But are not willing to spend a few hundred on astrologically dating pregnancy and child birth! People willingly spend lakhs on non life and life insurance, interior and exterior designing of house, car etc? But are not willing to spend a few hundred on astrological designing and name numbering! People willingly spend lakhs on education, physical and mental health, hobbies, pets and tourism, donations, taxes and EMI? But are not willing to pay a few hundred on good astrological counselling! Beware of fake astrologers .It takes at least ten years to complete primary and secondary school! How can anyone become an expert astrologer by doing a one year certificate course conducted by fake persons and universities? Penny wise, Pound foolish! Cent wise, Dollar foolish! No offense intended. Please kindly note.
  • All on/off line services are paid services: by appointment only: 9 A.M. TO 6 P.M. INDIA.
  • Please note before all Domestic & International clients will pay in their own respective national currency with respect to @ = > U.S. $ 9/- whichever more is applicable.
  • Minimum fees for on/off line meet @ = > U.S. $ 9/- for 1 Query 1 Horoscope 1 Hour.
  • 1 vastu/home/office minimum fees @ = > U.S. $ 9/- Per Square Feet.
  • Detail vastu fees @ = > 1% MRP includes all remedies.
  • Personal meeting /telcon/prayers @ = > U.S. $ 1/- Per minute.
  • Minimum U.S. $ 9/- per question per horoscope. Minimum U.S. $ 99/- for one time unlimited questions per horoscope.
  • Whether you visit me or I visit you, either ways you have to bear to and fro expenses apart from my consultancy charges.
  • Before emailing please re-check everything carefully to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding. In all cases final decisions remain in my hands. Please confirm overall consultancy charges before hand, detail questions and enquiries welcome.
  • Compulsory secrecy and confidentiality guaranteed. All services forecasts are non refundable.
  • I will not be responsible in any way whatsoever; for any damages or loses occurring to anybody whomsoever; based on the decision they take; on the basis of my services and forecasts. I will not be responsible for mailing / transit delays and losses.
  • Please note astrology & astrologers are not 100% reliable & serve only as a fore warning/ safety /caution measure & cannot prevent any incidents from happening. “Honesty is the best policy! To err is human, to forgive is divine! Only God or Fraud can give 100% guarantee!”
  • Please note you are in Queue on  my waiting list for a week. I will send solutions as quickly as possible.
  • All terms, conditions, consultancy charges etc. subject to change anytime, without prior notice